Domestic Maintenance

We recommend a yearly maintenance to be carried out on your home air conditioning systems, some units may require further works depending on their usage and cleanliness.

Commercial Maintenance

Most Commercial sites require more than a single visit, usually twice yearly is recommended but some sites will require more and additional services may be necessary to prevent fault’s.

Call Out Service

Every air conditioning system will obtain a fault at some stage in it’s life time, it’s inevitable, when a problem does occur we are on hand and happy to assist our customers.

Domestic Air Conditioning

Typically, when an air conditioning system is used in a residential environment for cooling only, one service visit per annum is generally sufficient, we work with hundreds of domestic customers year after year ensuring they are all running in peak condition and providing the cleanest air possible for a pleasant environment.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial applications, e.g. shops, offices or restaurants, a minimum of two visits per year would be recommended. In critical locations, e.g. server rooms, trading floors, workshops or hairdressing or beauty salons where there are often high levels of airborne pollutants in the air, we would advise that your maintenance plan allows for two visits.