Deep Cleaning Air Conditioning Units

All air conditioning units become dirty, clogged, blocked, smelly and require regular maintenance, one service that is not included in a standard maintenance is a ‘Deep Clean’.

All air conditioning units will have different levels of cleanliness depending on many different factors, one of the main problems with wall mounted air conditioning units especially is that the internal scroll fan collects mould and over time this builds up and can cause problems.

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Prepare Work Area

Remove Front Covers

Remove All Components

Clean Evaporator Coil

Flush Drain Line

Clean Internal Fan 

Clean Drip Tray & Louvres

Clean Air Filters 

Ready to Rebuild

Why does my air conditioning unit become blocked?

During a standard maintenance visit we do carry out various cleaning activities such as the unit covers, coils, filters, louvres but we only clean what is possible without dismantling the entire unit to get to places where dirt and mould may be hiding, therefore although you have had your yearly routine maintenance, it does not mean internally your air conditioning is spotless inside, over the course of 2-3 years and a fair amount of usage it can become unhygienic which is why bad odours can arise.

The only way to get your indoor units as good as new is to carry out a full deep clean which involves removing all of the components including the wiring, printed circuit board, air louvres, drain pan, scroll fan and fan motor which then allows you to give everything a super anti-bacterial clean.

Unfortunately this job is not a quick 15 minute job and takes time and should be done carefully to ensure the unit goes back together the way it should do, on average a deep clean on a single indoor unit can take between 2-3 hours to do start to finish plus travel time and setting up (preparing dust sheets, products), we use various industry recognised cleaning products during the clean and our price includes all labour, materials, travelling costs and expenses.

Will this cause a problem to the operation of my unit?

The short answer is Yes, the fan is not designed to have a build up of mould settle on it, not only is it extra weight it’s having to hold but it reduces airflow significantly should the build up get too bad, reduced airflow or a total blockage will cause a lack of cooling or no cooling coming out from your unit, eventually running in this state for too long the fan motor will fail.

We have seen the effects of this problem for many years and the key is to keep your units as clean as possible if you want the most out of your units. The other big problem with mould build up and filthy air conditioning units are bad for your health, the air you are breathing in is coming straight out of your unit, when the mould build up is significant, you will start to see little pieces directly below the unit, that’s because there is not enough space on the fan for any more build up so the fan begins spitting it out.

Air conditioning is brilliant as long as you keep your units clean, if you are using your systems every single day and running them for long periods then they are going to get blocked much quicker than someone using maybe once or twice a week, this page has created to better inform our customers so they understand the bad side to air conditioning.

If you require a full deep clean, we can help, the price will depend on your location, and the number of indoor units you would like done, it is best to have a full anti-bacterial clean done along side a full service.